PathoNet - Digital Histology Portal

Publishing slides for journal submissions at PathoNet

At PathoNet, you can share the slides (and the abstract) of the article that you submitted to a journal.

You can see the public (password-free) and accepted publications under Publicated Slides.


It is highly recommended that you protect the material uploaded to PathoNet with a password before your article is accepted for publication by the journal.

PathoNet does not take any responsibility for the content of the uploaded abstracts or slides. The responsibility remains solely with the author of the publication.

When to use PathoNet as a publication backstage?

Using PathoNet as a publication backstage

  1. Digitize your slides with the Pannoramic scanner microscopes.

  2. Register at PathoNet.

  3. Publish the slide to PathoNet from Pannoramic Viewer on your machine.

  4. Create a new publication snapshot at PathoNet (publication title, where you have submitted the article; you can also attach the abstract) and add the slides to it.

  5. If needed, password protect the material that you uploaded.

    If you do not set a password or if you remove the password, any visitor to PathoNet can view the pre-publication material.

    If you protect your paper abstract with a password, it appears among the Under review items.

  6. PathoNet generates a unique link to the pre-publication material. You can send the link (and the password, if you have set one) to the journal in which the article and the slides would be published.